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Adézio José Marques

President of CeiseBr


All it takes is to have good common sense

The situation we are facing is becoming worse and there are few concrete signals that solutions on the part of the authorities in Brasilia are in progress. As a practical result, we only achieved to disencumber the “ICMS” tax on energy co-generation projects based on bagasse and sugarcane straw in the State of São Paulo. However, we need more.

Rational, daring, broad, effective, efficient, strategic, modern and binding measures. We do not need medicine for pain right now. We need the cure for the disease.

I am very sad. Not because of what we are facing in the industry, because this was not the first nor will it be the last of difficulties we will have to overcome. What saddens me is to see the house on fire and nobody with a fire extinguisher in sight. President Dilma Rousseff was supposed to come to the Forum. It was also planned that the minister of agriculture would attend.

The minister with whom we arranged this is no longer in office, and the new one clearly states “he knows little about agriculture”. He may be a good man, have all the qualities in the world, but the fact is that, as was stated, he lacks in-depth knowledge about agriculture.

Does that make sense? Isn’t that like handing over the wheel of a 40-ton truck to an unqualified driver? One requires specific technical knowledge to perform any job. All except the minister job.

Nowadays, Brazilian agriculture is respected throughout the world, has a wealth of knowledge, know-how, and state-of-the-art technology. Our companies are constantly being sought after by foreigners interested in partnerships and associations. Many countries in the world lack the GDP, the job generation, and the tax volume we pay. We will again have to adapt.

We need to gather the thoughts of the representative entities of our industry and go to Brasilia, to peacefully and in a humble manner present to our authorities the opinions we have about all the matters we are faced with. They may know nothing about agriculture. Perhaps this isn’t really essential. All it takes is to have good common sense.